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6.0L Diesel Truck Lemon Law Trial

Song-Beverly Act, Consumer Legal Remedies Act

Case Background

Between 2002 and 2007, Ford Motor Company manufactured and sold high-end consumer pickup trucks with a 6.0L diesel engine. These trucks cost between $45,000 and $60,000 in 2003 dollars – they were expensive trucks. Ford marketed and sold these to the public as high quality, long-term reliable vehicles which are anticipated to last 150,000-300,000 miles or more.

My clients the Nolans were duped into purchasing one of these defective trucks by Ford Motor company and a few years into ownership starting having substantial problems with the truck engine which were not fixable by Ford. Ford further concealed from the Nolans and others that the exact problems that they suffered from were known by Ford prior to the launch of the vehicle.

Song-Beverly Claim 100%
Civil Penalties 50%
Fraud Claims 100%

The Nolans filed suit against Ford Motor Company for violations of the Song-Beverly Act, violations of the Consumer Legal Remedies Act, and for fraudulent concealment, intentional misrepresentations, and false promise.

Case Summary

It is no secret that Ford’s primary source of profits comes through the sales of its’ trucks. It was no different in 2003 than it is now. The 6.0L diesel engine was supposed to provide better fuel economy, more power, and be more reliable and long lasting than previous generations. Unfortunately, just the opposite occurred. The problems in this truck were widespread and well known internally to Ford for years.

The issues with the engine were never minor. Failed turbochargers. Failed charge air coolers. Failed oil coolers. Failed EGR valves. Failed EGR coolers. Many times the result of these failures is the vehicle stalling or dying while driving, putting the consumer in harms way trying to get off the road with no power and then stranding them. These issues became so pervasive that Ford’s own internal documents indicate that its’ own staff referred to these problems as the “usual suspects.” Customers such as the Nolans would bring in the vehicle again and again and again for “fixes,” but something in the engine simply breaks again.


What began as a simple truck purchase ended up with the jury entirely finding for the Nolans. Mr. Altman successfully led the trial team against Ford Motor Company. On top of finding Ford liable under Song-Beverly and awarding 1 civil penalty against Ford, the jury awarded substantial punitive damages because of the pervasive nature of Ford’s fraud. The jury awarded the Nolans the largest fraud damage award in a lemon law vehicle case in the history of California.

The ultimate judgment against Ford was for $8,125,000 in punitive damages on top of the Song-Beverly damages.

This was a total victory for the Plaintiffs against Ford Motor Company who paid for the very best legal representation.


Everything Wrong with a 6.0L Powerstroke

  • Altman Law Group successful took on Ford Motor Company in a lemon law and fraud lawsuit.
  • The jury returned a verdict awarding a repurchase of the truck, 1 civil penalty, and multiple millions in punitive damages.
  • Ford litigated this case heavily to try to evade liability but lost.